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    How On-Page SEO is Important For Your Business.

    With changes in the trends, SEO requirements also changing and it could be hard to keep up with the latest algorithm and developments, but if you want to improve your Google ranking that earlier you are somewhere on the Google page, you are unseen and suddenly your page is ranking on the top of the Google page, yes it could happen but not suddenly, as you have to put efforts. Therefore the SEO agency amsterdam always updates its strategies based on the latest algorithms. The technique of search engine optimization has fallen under two parts one is On-page SEO and the second is Off-page SEO. Both techniques are necessary to rank your website on the search engine results pages. On-page SEO helps search engines to understand your website in a better way, and ensure to search engines that you are giving quality content to their potential customers.

    Meta description

    The Meta description is an important optimization point. Through Meta description and Meta tags, users get to know what the page is all about. It is displayed on the search engine result pages beneath the title of the page. Metadata should be embedded in HTML code that includes all the Meta tags and Meta description. If you properly optimize the Meta description it helps to improve the click-through rate, perception of the quality results.

    SEO writing

    While writing content you have to keep in mind that you have to write for search engines, as well as for users. SEO content is more than just keyword research. You should write proper SEO optimized content and that should also be readable and more conversational, high in quality, and well SEO optimized. SEO writing is all about writing high-quality content according to the researched keyword. SEO writing is a consistent process hence you need an experienced digital marketing agency vancouver for better results.

    Image optimization

    Adding images to your blog is a good way to make it more beautiful and appealing. Some images can slow down your page speed. So before adding any image always reduces the size of that. You can use the free tool “” to easily compress your image size and get ready for your blog post. You’ll get many benefits of image optimization like show up on Google search images.

    Securing site

    Your website should be secured with the HTTPS protocol. There are still many websites over the internet that doesn’t have SSL certificates. Since 2014 Google announced that security is also an important key to rank your website on search engines. Now it is mandatory for all the websites that if your website is not protected through HTTPS protocol then forget that you have a chance to rank on Google.

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